At Saffron Support we have a small team of designated carers who are specifically trained in complex care.

Complex care is where clients have ongoing healthcare needs. Our team of carers have specialist training.

Complex care is often referred to long term care or continuing health care.

Complex care can be from a chronic illness, disability, accident or end of life (palliative) care.

We offer a person centred care service specific to our clients needs, wishes and life style. Our trained, qualified experienced carers are closely supported and liaise with the client, family, GP, nurses and other health professionals involved.

Saffron Support believe that we can help you to live at home with support if that is your wish.

Saffron Support understand how distressing it can be having a terminal loved one and that’s where we can help you care for your loved ones at home and make the most of your precious time together surrounded by familiar settings in the setting of your own home.

At Saffron Support we are here to support you as a family.